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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Tatcha dewy skin mist review

There has been a lot of hype surrounding this Tatcha skin mist.

It's been sold out online at their website, it's been sold out on Sephora, it's been sold out at Bergdorf Goodman's department store. You would think there's gold in there. And according to a lot of reviewers there is.

Supposedly,it's nothing like fix+, or any other settings spray that promises to get rid of the powdery look and give you a natural finish. This supposedly goes on either before or after or both and promises to give luminous skin.

I've mist it it on before and then apply make up. I've mist it on after applying make up. I mist it on before and after.

While it did give some what of a luminous glow it wasn't that impressive to me. But I have dry skin so I'm sure my skin soaked up a lot of whatever it is that gives the appearance of hydration. It didn't make my make up stay on longer, it didn't help with fading, or uneven wear. 
IF anything it probably made it come off faster than it normally does and we're talking about Revlon colorstay for normal to dry skin. Which, believe it or not looks pretty damn good on its own.

There wasn't anything other than getting rid of the powdery look that this did for me. It definitely doesn't do anything different then a highlighting powder does.

 Since I do have dry skin this did soak up a lot of whatever gives the appearance of hydration. When I say gives the appearance, what I mean is this is not actually hydration other than something is went on your face and then dries. It's not any different other than the minerals or micro pigments in there that give a pearlescent sheen. However, because my skin absorbs everything because it's so dry even in this hot humid Florida weather: I broke out badly from this!

Yes- Tatcha broke me out. I'm not totally sure what it is because there is no oil there's no real traces of anything other than perfume, glycerin and hyaluronic acid derivative. Maybe if you have normal skin that won't try to absorb the products into itself for hydration or even oily skin you'll be OK.

I returned it immediately to Sephora and am sticking to highlighting powders and my NYX dewy skin mist at $6