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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Mac Pro longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation Review

I visited my local MAC counter recently because I have a wedding to attend where I think there will be crying.

I originally went to try MAC Pro longwear concealer again (for like the 5 time) and I know its a holy grail for many people. But for me, its drying, tight and cakey so the staying power is irrelevant since it looks like crap anyway.

The girl says to me we have MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation which is a foundation and a concealer in one. Hmmm... okay sure let's slap it on. I took it home in NC 35 and it turned orange (I'm usually NC42). I took it back and got NC 30, then I looked like Casper the friendly ghost - boo!

Okay so even though this stuff is expensive ($32 for less than 1 oz), I clearly need two and I'm pretty sure most people will because there are a very limited range of colors. Why am I trying so hard to make this work like a 38 year old unwed crazy cat lady on Match? Well, these are the claims

  • satin matte finish
  • waterproof
  • good for you ingredients
  • full coverage
  • concealer and foundation in one
  • photogenic quality
  • freshly applied look for 24 hours

 Mixed it together and used a beauty blender - looks great. Here's the thing. If you are dry like me you need to moisturizer before hand a LOT! And use a beauty blender not a brush that streaks like hell and wait for the first layer to dry before adding another AND no powder at all! The powder makes you look like cake face.

I know it's so much but this is not an every day foundation routine. It looks great. I got a bunch of compliments on my makeup that week. Yay - but don't get to excited it's all down hill from here sister.

You can still see flaws and pores
No powder or anything else

However there are cons

  • it is not transfer resistant (its all over my phone case)
  • it is not waterproof (or at least not South Florida humidity proof)
  • it is NOT full coverage (you can still see my imperfections)
  • it does not last 24 hours as claimed ( it lasts the regular amount of any foundation)
Not full coverage at all 2 layers later 

Transferred all over my phone case in a 72 degree office.

I don't know it's not amazing at all to me. 

UPDATE: woke up with cystic acne the next morning on my cheek. MAC foundations always do this to me! Why? Every freaking time! It never works out for me. Doesn't matter if its concealers, foundations, powders or a primer I cannot put it on my face. Eyes are okay lips are okay.

However, I do enjoy other MAC non face products like shadow etc. 

I still can only use my Revlon Colorstay Dry/Normal without fail (even though its not yellow enough) what is going on!!!

Too bad this is going back to Nordstroms but at least now I know that this would have not been a smart choice for a wedding!