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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Milani Bella eyes gel powder eyeshadow review and how to depot and Z Palette

I was at my local CVS the other day just looking around when I found a new product from Milani cosmetics. Who I already loved by the way for their lipsticks and eyeshadow crayons.

The new Bella eyes gel powder eyeshadow is only $3.99 and Milani has a lot of buy one get one 50% off at CVS which I was lucky enough to have happen when I found them. So I bought 10 of them and was really excited when I got home and saw the color payoff which is absolutely amazing for the four dollar price tag.

Bella violet and Bella sand

The only thing is it's going to be extremely cumbersome to find a color I need open close etc. during use. So I started thinking about how to depot them for a pallette.

You're going to need a candle, matches and sharp object like a utility knife or screwdriver or I used a nail art dotting tool.

Check out my quick video on how to do it.

Just an update about Z Palette and Milani eyeshadows. You will need a bigger Z Palette than you are thinking. This is a lot more product than a regular sized eyeshadow. 

I bought mine at Makeup Geek and it barely fits all 10 shadows. They had a bigger one and I got overly confident thinking "seriously who needs one bigger"... me that's who. 
I depotted all of them and that process went smoothly. 

1. I needed to paste the magnets this palette came with to the back of the eyeshadow with crazy glue. Super easy.

2. Then I taped in my labels I saved to where I was putting the shadows so I could plan where everything was going and how much room each needed. (Let me just high five myself for doing that because it saved me the headache of having to move the actual product around and possibly crumble it to pieces.)

3. Okay that's it all done now I am enjoying my palette!

Its been a few weeks and I have worn these shadows every single day! Love LOVE love them! Totally worth it. 

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