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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Belletto Studio and why airbrush isn't for me

Airbrushes and for me. Saw one of my favorite YouTube beauty gurus use it and had to get it. I got the HD Belletto studio system in tan.

I cannot even explain the headache it took to get this and return it. Yes you heard right I returned it. I returned it because this looks terrible on dry skin. The other reason why returned is because it was such awful customer service. It was so bad it was the first time in the eight years of having Pay Pal I had to open a claim because of an uncooperative seller!

Airbrush spray tan works on me. And I live in Florida so I figured a light mist of make up is going to work great. Still to this day I cannot find anything better than Revlon color stay for dry skin to work better on me.

I tried it with and without:
Makeup setting spray 
Individually and as a combo
Watched the DVD it comes with
Called Beletto - lol oh man was that not helpful. Debi Hinson the most unhelpful manager ever after I asked for help not money back.

Here's my kit, make up, and what happened when I returned it. I cannot believe that they didn't handle this the right way.

I know other people can have a great experience. But not me.