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Friday, April 11, 2014

How to wear RED Jeans

So recently I did a haul at Charlotte Russe. The colored denim was BOGO $10! 
I even bought extra white pairs to dye them. Check out my color of the year Radiant Orchid dyed jeans in my last post.
Awesome, right? I love them.
So I bought red jeans among other colors but honestly the red seemed the most versatile.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest 

Here's why.
1. Good for all seasons (unlike coral or turquoise)
2. Compliments most skintones.
3. Works with many looks ( work, prep, night out, concert, grocery store )

Here's a more work appropriate/preppy look but I also wear the jeans with my band shirts and Chuck Taylor's.

The shirt is from Love Culture which you can buy here

The accessories are from Charming Charlie. Except the statement necklace I did semi DIY. You can check that out on my last post too.

Friday, April 4, 2014

OOTD and a little DIY Radiant Orchid Color of the year

Just a quick post about my outfit of the day. A "radiant orchid" colored comfy button down shirt with jeans and a neon yellow statement necklace. Radiant orchid is the Pantone color of the year. Too bad my hair was this color already last year. 

The original shirt was white and its from Target.

I didn't really love any of the other colors so I got the white one and thought to myself nothing some RIT dye couldn't fix. Twenty minutes on the stove, rinsed it out in the sink, then sink washed it with some laundry detergent and it was fine. Perfect color and doesn't bleed. I wear it all the time. Plus a bonus: so much dye left I dyed a pair of white jeans "radiant orchid" also.

The neon statement necklace is also a semi-diy. I bought it from Charlotte Russe as buy two for $10. It originally came in an off white color I wasn't crazy about. Nothing some polish can't fix plus I also bought an aqua one I love.

Basically what I did was just painted over the white parts with this neon yellow nail polish Nina ultra Pro. Since it is a matte polish I then topped it off with out the door but you can use any topcoat. I like to either spray paint or paint the back of fake jewelry with some sort of clear lacquer so that no allergic reactions happen. You have sensitive skin invest in a gloss spray paint.

This is my new nail color from the Brazil OPI collection Live.Love.Carnaval color is a new fav.


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Lip gloss stain product review Milani, Revlon, Maybelline

Lately there has been so many commercials for different live products that are not actual lipsticks. 

For example Maybelline New York now has the elixir color sensational gloss that is as opaque as a lipstick but with the shine of a gloss and supposedly a really fantastic staying power. The two I own are in Caramel infusion which is a nude and Fuchsia flourish which is a hot pink. 

Doe foot applicator
Floral taste and smell - yuck
Opaque color
Leaves your lips stained this color after the gloss has gone
The gloss is not sticky it's slick

Revlon now has Colorburst lip butter. Same idea supposedly extremely pigmented, long-lasting but more comfortable than a lipstick. This is a red velvet on the left and sweet tart on the right.
Super comfortable
No weird taste or smell
Regular lipstick style application
Lots of colors
Color payoff is just okay
Very moisturizing not sticky or slick
Not a lot of lasting power

Another drugstore company that honestly does have some serious gems even though some of it's other products may not be my favorite, Milani. Milani has something similar to the two is a power lift lasting and moisturizing stain gloss. From left to right red control, macaroon and mango tango.
Click pen applicator
Top of the applicator is actually a brush
Super thick pigmented formula
Way cheaper than anybody else
Amazing lasting power
Stains lips the color
The formula does spread and a lip liner is absolutely necessary
The formula upon first application is not easily spreadable with body heat it slides around more 

Just for the record I don't dislike lipstick but it's really not my favorite usually I pick something that has more of a lasting finish so doesn't end up all over my face because I really hate messing with lipliner and having to take two products with me just for lips.