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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tattooing my face, my love with Permanent Makeup

Did something ever happen to your eyebrows that made you super self conscious of them. You know a bad eyebrow wax? Chemo? Fire accident? Hey, you never know. I have had numerous bad things happen to my lashes and eyebrows that it was unnerving and brought me to do something I never thought I would.. tattoo my face.

Back in 2006 I couldn't take it anymore and had an epiphany that this isn't some ridiculous telenovela fastidious service or like some chonga who sharpie paints her eyebrows daily. You know what I mean, big, overdrawn and dramatic.

It was for everyone who was sick of doing this every morning just to look like a normal person or so that everyone you have to speak to isn't staring at your mismatched brows or the fact that you have no brows. I bit the bullet and went in for a free consultation for my eyebrows with all of the products I used daily on my brows to recreate in front of them what I was looking for. I explained I am not into fake, I don't highlight my hair, wear makeup daily or try to change what is really there I am only looking to enhance.

It took about 30 minutes for the consultation, to show me the portfolio and all the color options. She let me know right there and then if I wanted to do the service right now or schedule and appointment. I decided on right there and then. Don't get me wrong this is still a tattoo, you will be red, itchy, swollen and might even bleed. It's going to look really dark for about 3 days and it's not going to tickle. The numbing cream only takes the edge off and it is about an hour long process, so if you have never had a tattoo or a semi painful dental visit - THIS IS NOT FOR YOU.

Thankfully my hair grew back anyway and I didn't need the permanent makeup as badly as I once did. However, I loved the look of it. Nicely defined and polished brows were such a perk especially since I am too lazy to wear make up daily.

Total side note btw: I am using Ebates and it works! Seriously! Here is my referral link just so you know its a real thing and they send you a check.

You cannot wear make up after this, you cannot go in the sun, the pool etc. IT'S A TATTOO. Don't forget this is A TATTOO. You have to take care of it like one. You will need it to be touched up because it will fade and if you don't go to a reputable place it might turn a weird color over time. Yep, that's what happened to me. After two years I had orange pink brows. This was then

I went back to my Anastasia brow wiz pencil and brow gels until I could get an artist who has good ink and a good hand. everyone assured me it was all in my head and it's not noticeable etc. lol yea okay.

If you are in the south Florida area this girl will come to you and is extremely talented. I liked her work so much I had top eyeliner done just to enhance the thickness of my lashes.

When I came back from having my brows done the difference was instant and amazing. It itches, it wasn't painless (like a 4 from 1 - 10) but it was worth it. This is right after.

This is 3 days after. 

It's an investment in myself I will never regret because I love how it looks and how I can go without makeup and not be self conscious of my face.

I truly believe in permanent makeup and I have a totally different outlook on it. If you have even considered it go to as many consultations as possible. Ask them if you can sit in with them or see their portfolio, if you have a good artist you will have a good experience.