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Friday, November 22, 2013

DIY Hair, Nails, Beauty and why it's good for you

I don't know about you guys, but I love me some DIY. Doesn't matter if its beauty, home stuff, holidays or food. I love it. And guess what? Neuroscience now shows that this is actually good for you because you are now forced to plan out how, what and when. It's neuroplasticity or basically exercise for your brain to make you a better problem solver. It's a plus to the whole experience.

For me its about being picky. I like looking at things and altering them to fit my style or my lifestyle more. I use blogger, you tube, pinterest and google. I am infinitely curious aside from picky which makes this experience almost unstoppable once the launch sequence starts. I will be in a store, like Target for example, and see something I sort of like but not completely. I wonder to myself, can I spray paint it? Dye it? Add something to it? I’d read how others had gone before me, I was inspired, and had the desire to learn how to dye shoes, make terrariums, refinish furniture, try beauty treatments.

In the process believe it or not I came to find out things about myself that I never really knew until now. I came to realize how much I don't like certain shades of red but that there are other ones I adore. That I can tweak things I find or inherit and make them my own and really enjoy myself while I am working on my little project big or small. The sense of accomplishment and productivity I feel just really does it for me. I know I can go buy lavender jeans, but it was way more fun to do it myself and the color was specific to what I was after. Perfect for me.

When I read about other creatives using their hands to build something amazing, I can’t help but feel admiration. Not everyone has the time, inclination, or skill to take on major DIY projects, and that’s totally understandable. However, I truly believe it can be learned because I do not consider myself an artist or a carpenter or anything like that, I only consider myself to be determined and confident in myself.

Let's talk about what else this accomplishes. Remember, it all started with beauty (hair, nails, treatments, makeup) and how I would like things but wish I could change them just a little bit so I was never 100% satisfied with most things I would buy or have done. So it has satisfied my being a pain in the ass and if I don't like something I only have myself to blame plus it keeps me entertained and brain function healthy. Awesome. But it has save a TON of money. No. I'm not kidding. And I'm not really all that high maintenance mostly because things would cost more than what I thought they were worth.

The break down by hair, nails, skin on a monthly scale.

Cut $25 + tip every 4 - 6 weeks = $30
Glossing Treatment/ Deep conditioning $ 15 + tip every 4 - 6 weeks or more = $ 17
Color/ Highlights/ Ombre/ Retouch $35 - 55 + tip every 6 - 8 weeks = $ 45+

$92 - 102 month

Manicure every two weeks: $10 + tip = $12
Pedicure every two weeks: $22 + tip = $26
If you have French add $5 per
Gel Manicure every two weeks if you prefer $25 + tip = 28

$86 - 96 month

Eyebrow wax every two weeks: $10 + tip= $12
Upper lip wax every two weeks: $10 + tip= $12
Facial treatments every month:  $75 + tip= $80

$128 month or $ 48 month if no facial

$226 a month on the low end = $2,712 a year
$326 a month on the high end = $3,912 a year

This is WITHOUT things like eyelash extensions which is another $100 a month or LED photofacial treatments or acrylic nails. No extra special trimmings

That's insane. I know what it's like to be looking at an LED manicure machine that is $70 for the kit and you think to yourself well what if I suck at this or is that too much? No, no its not. You will learn how to use it and it will be fun and I have had mine for almost two years and still haven't ran out. I spent $70 instead of $1,152. The second year the machine didn't cost me anything. I figured out a way to still use all my old nail polish and watch you tube for new design ideas. I get compliments on my nails every week from strangers. It's become a pampering experience for me to DIY.
I bought a wax kit at Sally's beauty. Watched a lot of you tube read a lot of blogs on it. I even wax my arms (not under arm) now instead of shave. That's definitely a luxury I never could have afforded before.

DIY hair cuts I understand are not for everyone but a trim can be. If I wanted a major change I don't know that I would tackle it myself. But highlights, a trim or a deep conditioning yes I would and I do. And I do it more often than I used to get it done because it is not nearly as expensive as it once was.

I know that DIY beauty can seem just as intimidating a reupholstering a couch but I promise you it really isn't and that with enough instruction you really can do it too. It will be worth your while .