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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Extensions, lashes, Latisse and Mascara who to skip and who to try

Lash extensions, latisse and fiber mascaras are all competing with each other. Everyone claims to be the best and most convenient way to get you bigger, thicker and longer lashes.

I have fed into the hype. I have tried all there is to try. There are pros and cons with everything so its up to what you think is best for you. Here we go.

"Lash growing" serums and potions are from low to high end. The only one that works is Latisse and yes it works. It gives you more lashes and longer lashes, but not thicker and if they don't curl now they wont with Latisse. You may have itchy eyes the entire time, I did.

Pros: long lashes, more lashes, works within a week, works on eyebrows
Cons: makes your eyes itch, not thicker lashes, makes your eye color darker (browner even if you have blue eyes), lashes fall out if you stop using it, its $100 a tiny bottle.

Fiber mascaras, whether its Too Faced Better Than False Lashes or Loreal Voluminous Fiber Mascara they flake off. Essentially, a sandwich of mascara lint and mascara. The lint eventually flakes off and not all of it so you have random black hairs on your face. It looks really nice for a few hours or in photos. It's just not an all day thing and only works for top lashes.

Pros: really dark and thicker lashes, cheaper than Latisse, washes off
Cons: flakes off, doesn't last all day, not sold separately so you will always have more of one than the other.

 Lash extensions (silk, mink, novalash) look amazing 24/7. They look real, full, fluffy and no need for mascara. I go back to them constantly because of convenience, honestly. It really does things mascara cannot do. The kardashian girl's don't have better eye makeup than everyone else, it's lash extensions. Glycol an ingredient in many face washes, makeup and makeup removers will easily start breaking down the glue. 

Pros: looks natural, stays on for weeks, makes eyes look done constantly
Cons: it's not cheap, you have to be careful how you sleep and wash your face, finding a good lash technician is trial and error. 

If you are in the area this is the girl to see 561-735-2794 at Atelier Boutique for amazing affordable lashes.

Personally for me the extensions are the way to go aside from just regular mascara. I think that latisse would be perfect for someone with shortly curly lashes and fiber mascara if you lived in colder weather than I do!