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Thursday, September 19, 2013

LED Gel Manicure System Red Carpet Manicure Review

Do you have weak nails? Hey, it happens.

Either from picking, biting, genetic, new medicines, a hormonal imbalance or maybe you had acrylics or gels or something.

Well believe it or not this is for you. I know this is really about reviewing the LED Red Carpet Manicure at home machine, and it is.

I was on the hunt for a gel manicure system at home. I love painting my nails or having my nails painted but it never seems to last. It chips within 48 hours and then looks terrible for the rest of the week. That's not cute or economical.

I had a gel manicure at my local salon, it did what they said it would do. Stayed on for 7-14 days and stayed shiny, but the price was not so much plus not all polishes come in the gel formula. Well guess who figured it out? Yep, this girl.

Okay, so if you don't know this - gel or acrylic or any type of nail extension holds color better than natural nails. The down side to that is that it can ruin your natural nails and the upkeep can be costly or maybe you are one of those girls like me that don't like fake nails. Or maybe you tried the Sally Hansen one and hated it! Don't worry I hated it, too! What crap.

So how do you get your color to stay on and your nails to be stronger at a decent price? Invest in an LED system. I got mine from and tis the Red Carpet Manicure Pro 45 Starter Kit for $39.99 plus the store coupon for $3.50 off (which pretty much helps with shipping/tax $6-8). You know why you should invest? Because a gel manicure at a salon is $25-30 plus tip for one! So you are already breaking even with the first at home gel manicure you do yourself.

So in the box you get the LED light, the power cord, base coat, top coat, one complimentary classic red nail color, Prep (which is just vinegar), Purify (which is just alcohol), and Erase (which is acetone). Eventually you will run out of prep, purify and erase. Don't buy into the ploy, get spray bottles from CVS for the vinegar and alcohol. Buy 100% pure acetone instead of nail polish remover.

I know, I know there is a lot of skepticism. What if you suck at painting your nails? What about the gel colors being $10 a piece? Is this really worth it?

1. If you suck at painting your nails, you are in luck because this doesn't dry until you cure it under the light so you can take your time cleaning up around the edges with a qtip and some acetone.

2. Yes, the gel colors are $10 a piece. I only have 3 of them. The beauty about this is I only use the base and topcoat to make myself a gel overlay on my own nails. That causes my REGULAR $1.99 nail polish to stay on for 7-14 days. Genius right?

3. This is really worth it. Why? Every week or 2 you are putting a gel overlay on your natural nails and they are healthier, stronger and hold polish way longer than they ever could alone.

I have had this system since Christmas. I use it every week. I have only had to repurchase base coat and top coat once within almost a year time frame. For the 9 - 10 months I have had a long lasting, shiny, manicure (and sometimes pedicure!) and I only have chipping if I had been doing something super rough on my nails like home improvement projects.

It truly is amazing and I do use the gel colors once in a blue moon. Honestly, just for the base and top coat alone its totally worth it. The best part is I have a ton of regular nail polish and I love doing nail art. I get to use them all and they actually stay on for really long time.

You can buy it on eBay!
I hope this helps!