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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Weddings make me cry. Where's my makeup setting spray?

Big day is coming up! Every last detail has been planned, it's going to be magical, gorgeous and very heartfelt. You have the address, you've tried out different updos, had a light chemical peel, a spray tan and make up trial run throughs.

Not that you shouldn't trust your make up artist. I'm sure she or he is extremely talented and you look amazing. Like Photoshop but in real life. But you're probably going to cry that day. If it's dancing with your dad or walking down the aisle or saying your vows, you're going to cry. 

Let's say for whatever reason, you don't cry. It's still going to be a really long day and unless you're getting married in November you're probably going to be sweating. I have a solutions for you. This is my solution for my type of skin. My type of skin is sensitive, cystic acne prone and dry. 

Skindinavia moisture makeup setting spray and NYX dewy finish setting spray. Both companies also make a formula for oily skin. I have never tried it. However, those are the originals and always seem to be sold out. Less people seem to have a dry skin issue.

I purchased that Scandinavia online. It was a pretty good deal $24 and you also get a trial size to put in your purse. Tried it out for two weeks with no breakouts. It was summer in South Florida and there is nothing but rain, humidity at night, and if it is sunny it's really hot. I was really happy with it, it does what it says, I looked dewy and my make up did not slide off my face after a night of dancing in a sweaty night club.

I know. I know. There are great primers out there. They don't work for me. I went the primer route and ended up with acting for almost 3 months. I couldn't tell if it was the first primer I used or all of them together or if my skin just does not like silicone suffocating it and it might have been contact dermatitis and not acne. Maybe I was just having a reaction to the chemicals. 

Back to make up spray. So Scandinavia is great, but here's the thing. When you use this make sure it's special occasion. Unless you do something where your makeup needs to stay on for 24 hours I don't see this being a daily staple. I had to wash my face twice to get it all off. So the spring itself didn't break me out. The having to wash my face twice to get it off though could eventually break me out if I was not diligent about making sure I got everything off and it could give some seriously clogged pores overtime.

The deal with NYX dewy finish; it's great and cheaper! Hey, who doesn't love that! But it doesn't grip on your make up as much as Skindinavia. Yes, it works and it definitely keeps you looking fresh. But it can't last as long as Skindinavia. At some point within a 10-12 hour span it'll start breaking down. 

I tested this out at the Orlando theme parks. We went for Halloween horror nights. So we were at the Disney parks all day. Then at night we went to Halloween horror nights. There wasn't a whole a lot of down time to go back to the hotel and change or freshen up. So the make up I put on in the morning was the make up I wore that night. It looks great from 9 AM till about 730 to 8:00 PM. At that point it looks like my make up was evaporating. It didn't slide around it wasn't on my shirt. It just disappeared. Like I know longer was wearing foundation. I'm not sure if it's time, weather, or sweat that makes this setting spray breakdown. However, it clearly does break down and just disappears. At least it doesn't leave a mess. This one would be great for every day. Like Monday through Friday for work purposes. You look fresh throughout the workday and then when you take it off when you get home or when you go to the gym before you go home it's not a huge pain to take it off and work out without make up on. You don't need some type of special remover. It stays on what it needs to stay on it comes off when he needs to come off. However I don't know if I would wear this one for my wedding.

They are both great products and I recommend them both but for different occasions. I hope this really helped you out. Remember that Ulta and Sophora always have great return policies. What is your favorite makeup setting spray?Maybe I should try it out.