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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tape in hair extension DIY dip dye

So the dip dye ombre hair trend thing has really caught my eye. 
Back in high school I went through a grunge/gothic phase. 
Kids, this was a long time ago and Kurt Cobain had just passed on. Yes I am a dinosaur.

I will say, that I do have very long, straight, black, healthy, virgin hair. Its conditioned with coconut oil and rarely heat styled.
This is because every time I want to do something to my hair I find an alternative. For example, this new trend is just the way to show you. I love the color I love the ombre but I don't want to bleach or do any damage.

I bought a pack of tape in hair extensions that I got from 
They were the perfect bayalage color to do this experiment with. And they were only $71.70 so yes sign me up!

I don't plan to keep them in for longer than a few months and they can be retaped and reused when I am in the mood again. Perfect! My little pony hair for a few months.

You will need:



Foil to cover your work surface

Scotch tape

2 plastic bowls

2 dye brushes

Developer 20 volume

Demi permanent colors of your choice

Optional: Permanent hair color that matches your own hair. This is if the extensions are not dark enough. Or if you just desire a different permanent natural hair color. 

How To:

1.Tape the foil down to your work surface. Lay hair down and tape it as well with regular scotch tape.

2. Mix your Demi permanent wild color in one bowl. For me blue and pink made purple but just pink or just blue would've been fine.
To make to color more pastel mix it with conditioner to lighten the vibrant color

3. Paint the Demi color from the bottom up to where you would like the next color to start.

4. Mix your permanent color and paint it close but not on the taped part of hair and feather it down blending in into the Demi color to meet in the middle.

5. Let this process for 20 minutes. 

6. Run the extensions under cold water and condition them well. Then rinse again.

7. Let them air dry overnight!

8. Now when they are dry you can flat iron them.

9. Have them installed. I only did the bottom half of my head.

10. Rock out with your new do for summer!!!

What's your favorite summer trend?