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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Maybelline Falsies vs Maybelline Big Eyes

Hello cupcakes, 

So I'm back and have some more complaining and raving to do. 

I don't wear a ton of make up. But I love big lush lashes just as much as the next girl. I have tried every mascara possible under the sun. I have undergone the pain staking task of lash dip. Which I don't recommend. Way expensive, with no pay off. Seriously save your money and your patience. If you're going to spend that much money and be that uncomfy for two hours you may as well get individual lash extensions.

I live in South Florida. So my biggest problem with mascara is that even if the original formula is better than the waterproof, I must use the waterproof version. It's always hot, always humid and will probably rain at some point even if it's just for 20 minutes.

I have tried high-end mascara and drugstore mascara. From cover girl to Armani. I have even used that dumb Too Faced Better Than False Lashes where you brush lint on your eyelashes and cover it with mascara only to later have black lint all over your face. The $35 disappointment. Meh! 

So the clouds parted and I surrendered to this.

Maybelline the falsies volume express waterproof mascara in very black has been the only mascara to be dark enough and the right consistency to actually build volume and length Also did I mention the waterproof? Doesn't smear, doesn't get all over my face and doesn't end in flakes.

Since I'm such a fan of this I decided to go out and try the new version Maybelline the falsies big eyes waterproof mascara. I bought it at my local CVS. I think it was about seven dollars. The brush is different than the original Maybelline the falsies. I thought nothing of it. The compartment for the lower lashes has a very small brush to be able to reach all of your baby lower lashes. It seems like a great concept. I was sorely disappointed.
Believe it or not this does melt over the day, and then flakes and the raccoon eye effect. Definitely not a good look. I don't work outside. But it happened anyway. The funny thing is it was harder to get off than the original version. I'm not in my 20s so I don't like pulling on my eye area. The original waterproof version stays on when it needs to stay on and comes off with a make up remover when you need it to come off.

Which leads me to thinking... Did they change the waterproof formula? Is that the packaging that is somehow affecting the formula? Am I getting less product because of this ridiculous packaging that I once thought was such a cute idea?

Maybe I am biased towards the original formula because it's worked out so fantastically for me. Did the original not work out for you? I bet I know why. It took me some experimenting with it to figure out what I needed to do. When you first buy it the formula is too wet which can lead to either uncurling the lashes or spidery lashes. Who wants that? 

What you have to do is one eye at a time. So put on one coat give it about 20 seconds to dry up a little bit. Then slick on another coat before that one dries all the way. Wait 10 seconds, slick on another coat. Now you're going to want to have a blowdryer handy. With the blow dryer on the lowest setting you were going to want to look down. 

Don't tilt your head down just look down with your eyes. Keep your eyes semi open and put the blow dryer about a foot away from your face under your eyes NOT ABOVE and NOT HEAD ON! On the lowest setting it will be safe enough where it's not bothering your eyes, but it is gently setting the mascara to dry and for your lashes to be up and out.

Repeat the same thing on the other eye. This is how I made this work for me and to set well and to keep a curl. Usually waterproof mascara is nothing to write home about. But now I know why Maybelline the falsies is called the falsies. I feel like my lashes look like they could be fake when I naturally do not have anything other than average lashes that have no curl themselves. I have very straight lashes just like my hair.

Maybe you had a different experience with Maybelline the falsies big eyes mascara. Let me know if I'm using it wrong. I hope this helps you out or at least you found out my experience with it and can decide if it's something you would even want to try. Have a smashing day.